18. May 2007

I know, I know .. again with the bloggus interruptus! I'm not sure where people find the time to do this everyday .. seriously. I apologize to my public .. I know you're out there somewhere.

Things are all good here in Ajax .. it's freaking cold again, but at least the sun was shining today. I think the rabbits or squirrels or whoever it's been has finished slicing off the tops of my tulips .. most of them are done with the bloom or still really waterlogged from the rains we had this week, so I imagine they're not as appetizing as they were the two weeks before. There is still so much to do in the garden and there's never enough time, always other stuff that also needs doing .. or a 3 yr old who doesn't want to work in the same area of the yard as I need to be in.

Sebastian is doing wonderfully, getting bigger and smarter every single day. It's hard to believe the things he knows .. he knows all the words to the Spiderman themesong (from the old cartoon) and I only sang it to him once. He knows that thunder is caused by the meeting of a warm front and a cold front (thanks, Miss Jen!). He knows the song "I've been working on the railroad" and I'm not sure how. He makes jokes, dances, sings, runs around in circles and since a couple of days ago even carries one of the cats around (we love you, Schmu!) There is so much that he does or says every day that I want to record in one way or another but it's just impossible to document all of it. I've written out some of his Sage-isms and plan to keep them in a sort of "Kindertagebuch" (child's journal) but I know there's stuff I won't remember to include and won't recall in years to come. I try to still get a photo at least every 2 days or so, but most of the time he refuses to sit still or give a smile or a smile that's not so obviously fake. I think he's happy, well adjusted and all the stuff that parents wish for their children, but how do you really know?

I went to the movies last night; I had a coupon from the cereal box for a free admission that was expiring yesterday so I decided to go .. I had to laugh as I went in because the girl at the "box office" was sitting there with about 200 similar coupons stacked around her area, writing VOID on each and every one of them with a Sharpie. I love the Sharpie. I think the Sharpie is something every home should have at least one of, probably even 3 or 4. But back to the movie theatre: $5 or more for popcorn???? give me a break. I know they need to make money somewhere and the concession stand has always been a goldmine but come on! I don't think those prices can be justified. Then I had to watch commercials for Scotiabank and Coca-Cola, probably some others but I couldn't tell you what they were. The movie was enjoyable, Jane Fonda looks so much like her father and Felicity Huffman can do drunk and ugly just as easily as Lindsay Lohan can do slutty and troubled. I did have a few good laughs, of course they were at things that nobody else was laughing at .. always happens to me. I was the only person who watched the credits. The people down at the front who had little children with them (like 4 and 5 yr olds .. for a 10pm movie??) stayed the next longest but even they were gone before the cast list was finished. The credits are one of the most important parts of a movie and next to no one stays. It saddens me.

  • what's all the talk about our "drunk driving laws?" .. do we have different driving laws if you're drunk than if you're sober?
  • the end of the Gilmore Girls?
  • why do the signs at gas stations say: Cashier cannot make change for bills larger than $50? are they too dumb? so if I buy $95 worth of gas and pay with a $100 bill they won't know that I get $5 back, but if I pay with two $50 bills they will? if I buy $120 worth of gas and give them a $100 bill and a $20 bill will they accept it? don't they really mean "we do not accept bills larger than $50?" .. why don't they say that?