27. September 2007

This is getting really bad ... I had at least 5 things to put down on screen .. and now that I'm sat here I can't think of a single one of them ... post-baby-brain? I don't know. Maybe they'll come to me.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and stopped at the "Nesquik" counter .. looking and looking hoping I would find the 1/3 less sugar option in liquid form .. did .. then promptly did a double take; nearly twice the price of the full sugar version! What's up with that? Why bother giving parents (or anyone else for that matter) a healthier version of your product and pricing it out of reach? So, being who I am, I called Nestlé and asked them what they were thinking. Brad said he couldn't really comment on the prices since they only offer a suggested retail price and the actual pricing is up to the individual store .. so I asked what their suggestion was .. and it was even worse than what Loblaws had it listed at!! (Actually Real Canadian Super Store, but it's still Loblaws to me.) He said "well, I'll pass your comments on to marketing" and I just laughed and told him that marketing depts are the bane of my existence so thanks very much but that won't be very helpful. What I didn't point out to him was that the powdered versions are priced exactly the same .. so what's the problem with the liquids? It costs more to use less liquid invert sugar?

(I never did manage to remember what the other things were ...)