10.November 2007

we've been trying to keep up with our 3 yr old .. I'm talking mentally ... and it's getting harder everyday. I'm not kidding. There are only so many answers to "and then what?" that I am able to give ... I think it's worse than "why?" as a parent-breaking question. But don't get me wrong, we have a lot of fun times and get to experience a lot of comedy and death-defying feats of acrobatics as well as ground breaking discoveries, both scientific and toy-related. I can't believe how fast the time is running ... he's almost 4. It's been 6 years since my dad died, almost 14 since my brother. 24 years since I graduated from grade 13 and 38 years since I started Kindergarten!! That's not possible, is it?

As you know, I'm not that good at keeping up with the day to day aspect of blogging and am still hoping for the miracle connection between my thoughts happening in my head and them appearing on the computer screen .. surely someone on "America's Next Big Inventor" or whatever that show is called could come up with that ... ? ... couldn't they? Please? I've decided that it might be easier to keep a running commentary (as time permits) in my word-pro program and then take it from there and pick out the best stuff to 'publish.' I'm not sure that will actually help me out at all, since I still have to find the time to sit and type it out, but it beats trying to get it all right while my dial-up connection cuts out with every incoming call.

I still do ponder on things .. like what exactly am I supposed to get from the Casino Rama ads where everyone is walking around with their hands up? If I go to Rama my shoulder joints will lock up? Doesn't that mean that I won't be able to play cards or dice or slot machines? Is this supposed to draw me in to the casino? I don't get it.

We recently had an election in Ontario .. and one of the opposition ads was trying to point out that we still have a shortage of family physicians in Ontario .. but I think they missed the boat .. a couple is standing in front of us and the man is telling me that since he still doesn't have a family doctor, he had to wait 8 hours in the emergency room. If it wasn't an emergency, he shouldn't have gone to the ER!!!!, and it obviously wasn't an emergency, otherwise it wouldn't matter if he had a family doctor or not. If he hadn't wasted the ER docotrs' time then the wait in the ER for those people who really have emergencies wouldn't be as long .. does he think that if he had a family doctor he would just be able to call him/her up and say "hey I'm not feeling well can you see me right now?" Because if he did have a family doctor he probably would have waited longer than 8 hours to see her or him, seeing as how he would have had to book an appointment and all. Perhaps he could have tried a walk-in clinic? Kind of like most people who don't have a regular family physician?

The trouble with writing it out like this is that I will eventually have to break it up into smaller pieces I think, to post. I'll lose all contact with the time continuum (is that spelled correctly?) and my ponderings might become stale. Then again, they might trigger memories, wonderful or otherwise, in anyone who reads them! .. and make people reach back into their memories when they're chatting around the copier. Of course, in today's "instant gratification" society that might be too hard for most people. Oh well, as long as I can get this stuff out of my head it's all good.

There's a commercial running now for a new cable station .. Superchannel .. their website is superchannel.ca . I have to tell you how offended I am by this ad .. shows a home-invasion, with the masked intruder chasing the hapless homeowner all around his house .. until they get into the kitchen and the guy is able to grab the remote and turn on the countertop tv to the Superchannel. Intruder is mesmerised, victim calmly walks away. Since when is a violent crime good ad copy?

There's also a new ad for Mexico .. guy in his office, receives a fairly unintelligible call from an old friend (he may be speaking Spanish but it seems more like a mish-mash .. ) anyway, he looks longingly at photo of last vacation, puts friend on hold, buzzes his secretary and says, "book me 2 tickets to Mexico," then goes back to his call. Now don't get me wrong, I love Mexico as much as the next Canadian that hasn't had violent crime perpetrated against them or a family member while vacationing there, but are we all able to jet off to the sunny south at the drop of a hat? For that matter, to where in Mexico is this guy going to fly? I guess it's just ad copy so it doesn't matter, right?

gotta run .. still more stuff floating around in my head but I can't take anymore right now ... I've scribbled things on the edges of newspapers, then of course the newspaper gets tossed into the bluebox and I can't remember what I was talking about .. sad, huh?