25. July 2007

We had a wonderful time with our German visitors (family) but of course it was too short of a visit. Sebastian had a ball with his/my cousins and their kids, he can't wait to see them again!

I've had many many things to ponder over the past 2 months .. I think what I really need is something that just writes down the thoughts that I have during the day, it's too hard to remember it all and then get a chance to sit down and type it out .. honestly!

there was a bit on the local news a couple of months ago about big chunks of glass or cement or something that fell off a downtown Toronto skyscraper .. then the tag line for the evening news became .. "crumbling skyscrapers .. are they dangerous?" uhhh .. only if you're hit by the crumble, right? And I can't remember if I wrote that I was wondering what the deal was with mice growing ears ... ?? ... it was on 2 primetime shows in the same week .. one of the CSIs and Nip/Tuck .. co-inky-dink?

is it possible that the big highway signs that tell you how to be safer on the highways are actually taking your attention away from the road???? By the time I read 2- 3 lines of text I may have not noticed that cars were braking up ahead! How is that good for us?

I've figured out that the only way to get this done at least once a week is to get up at about 5:30 am and spend some time at the computer ... but I'm having trouble making that happen. I'll try to be better, I'll try to make it work. I promise .. myself. :)


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