29. August 2007

Just a quick note ... Anna from "the moving company" called me today .. boy am I glad! I hadn't heard from her in a few weeks and I was getting worried. Since Boris stopped calling I need to hear from Anna or I don't know what I'll do if we ever have to move.

Is there any way to educate Canadians on how to use a traffic circle? .. We now have 2 in Ajax, quite cute, very small, only 1 lane each .. not very difficult to navigate .. and yet .... I have been cut off once already, and I've only been in them twice. There's a big yield sign at every entrance .. a hint that maybe you would yield to traffic that's already in the circle. People are coming to a complete stop, waiting for way too long, not signalling their intent once they're in and then ... cutting me off!!! .. I remember driving in Germany at age 17 or so .. no real previous traffic circle experience, other than as a passenger on prior vacations .. and being able to navigate the 4 or 5 lanes of traffic in their roundabouts without any problems. People! it's not that hard.

We had a "work" summer party last week .. (our company doesn't really exist anymore, that's why it's in quotes) .. it was fun, a little surreal but really neat to be able to poke people in person and not just on facebook! Some of them weren't too keen on that but what the hey!

Summer is almost over .. school starts up soon but not for us since Sebastian has to wait another year before entering the jungle that is JK .. fall programmes are being booked, though. Now I just have to decide on which day to put him in swimming and which day in skating. So glad that we now have that tax credit! That'll save us about $13 come April.

Got to run (again) .. dinner to make or at least to order, laundry to fold and wash and dry.


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